Our entire liability and your exclusive remedy is as follows:

What is covered

This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship solely on the ST Impact Ball. This coverage is limited to an intended use scenario. Damage to the ST Impact Ball that occurs as the result of non-standard use is not covered.

Standard Use

Standard use for the ST Impact Ball is defined as the use of the device to test for impact attenuating properties on recreational surface systems including playgrounds, sports fields, mats and other recreation surfaces. Further, the maximum height at which the ST Impact Ball is dropped should never exceed the maximum fall height within the prescribed use zone where the recreational surface systems are installed. The ST Impact Ball should never be used to test surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, or other surface types not specifically designed and installed as impact attenuating surfaces. Failure to follow these standard use guidelines immediately voids the warranty and any resulting damage is the responsibility of the user in terms of cost of repair.

What is not covered

Sonam Technologies, LLC. does not warranty the ST Impact Ball against minor wear that occurs as the result of standard use. Minor wear is defined as scratches or abrasions to the surface of the ball that are cosmetic in nature and do not affect the functionality of the test device. The user interface that is included as part of the test package (tablet) is not warranted directly by Sonam Technologies, LLC. and any warranty claims must be filed with the original manufacturer. Likewise, the carrying case for the test device and tablet is not warranted by Sonam Technologies, LLC. and all claims must be filed with the original manufacturer.

Term of warranty

From initial date of shipment the ST Impact Ball is warranted for one calendar year. The purchaser has the option to ship the S T Impact Ball back to Sonam Technologies, LLC. each year for an annual inspection and diagnostic analysis. The cost of this service is $280 and will extend the underlying warranty for an additional year.

How to file a claim

The purchaser must file a formal warranty claim, in writing, to Sonam Technologies, LLC with a full description of the claim. The purchaser must ship the ST Impact Ball back to Sonam Technologies for analysis and if it is determined that the damage is as a result of normal use (as previously described) the purchaser will receive at no cost either a new ST Impact Ball or their original ST Impact Ball. This option is solely determined by Sonam Technologies, LLC.

Drop the Ball

The easy-to-use ST Impact Analyzer is used on playgrounds, sports fields, and anywhere there is a risk of a head impacting the ground, to identify the risk of a brain injury before it happens.

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